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miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012

The powerful of a wife in ancient Egypt!

This is one of the funniest correspondence speech in tales of love in ancient Egypt, which offer a model expresses sincere feelings of love and loyalty of ancient Egyptian literature
A speech of an Egyptian husband to his deceased wife, (Papyrus in the Museum of Leiden in the Netherlands) and he sue her after her death to the gods.
Three years after her death, he did not forget her. Her fantasy used to come to him in his dreams. Once he saw the fantasy, raising his hand in his face, as if he was about to beat him. 

The constant was thinking of his wife and seeing her in his imagination makes him nervous and thought she was persecuting him so he consulted a magician's priest, who advised him to write a letter to the spirit of his wife complaining from her to the gods.
One festive day, he wrote a letter and took it to her tomb and read it loudly, then tie it to her Statue to go to her. In this letter he speaks about his virtues and he never had abusive to his wife nor think of others, saying"

Why do you hurt me that I became in the unfortunate situation.
What did I do, and how can you raise your hand in my face while I have never abused you?!
I am suing you before the gods of the West (Osiris and his ennead) to judge between you and me.
what did I do that made you angry with me?!
We married while I was young and lived beside you .

Then I held positions in other places,
But I always took care of you and I did not cause you any pain in your heart.
Look!  I then became one of chariots officers in the army of the King,

And no one could say at any time I had been mistreating you
No, no one, after the divorce, could say I had entered any other house.
When I had to stay in my place,
And it was impossible to get back to you,

I Sent you my oil, my bread and my clothes.
Never have sent something like that to someone else!
Then, when you got sick, did not I sent you a doctor to make you the medicines,
He was there for all that you ask!
And when I had to accompany the King to the south, you have my heart.

For eight months, I Have been thinking, eating hardly, and drinking hardly.
And After your death, I walked to 'Memphis' and begged the king to authorize me to return to you.
Then I and my men have cried for long time in front of my house.
And I offered a lot of clothes and fabrics as bandages for your body.
Look! It has been three years now and I am alone, I did not enter another house*.
And for my sisters who are in my house, I did not visit any of them

*I did not enter another house = I did not marry another woman

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