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martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Curse of the Pharaohs And Count Louis Hamon

"Louis Hamon" a famous person for being the processor spiritual and psychological

He was used to receive precious gifts from his patients after recovery.

The strangest gift he received and caused him so many problems, was a visit to Luxor City in 1890 when he was curing an old Egyptian patient with a very bad condition of malaria.

Count Louis did a great effort with brilliantly and unrivaled painstakingly in treatment until healed the old man completely so that he insisted on to give him a most beautiful and precious gift, it was the right hand of a mummy of an ancient Egyptian Princess who died a long time ago.

The Count's wife was very annoyed of these dry - hand but her annoyance was turned to horror when she heard its story. In the seventeenth year of ruling period of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton (the father of Tut Ankh Amoun) strongly disagreed with his daughter for religious reasons, so that he permitted to his priests to torture and kill her in 1357 BC. And  then cut off her right hand and buried it secretly in the Valley of the Kings.

The Egyptian people were very sad as the girl will not go to heaven as she miss part of her body at the funeral,

Count Louis Hamon did not find a museum that accepts receiving the hand, so he guard it in safe-free in the wall of his home in London.

In August 1922, the Count back to open the safe again with his wife and was quickly retreat in horror as the dry & shrinking hand of the mummy , that older than 3200 year began to get covered by flush again, and the wife insisted on destroying it, and despite the fact that the Count has never afraid of the unknown, but he agreed to do that.
He wrote a letter to the archaeologist "Lord Carnarvon" his old friend "describes how he buried the hand gently in the shrine and read loudly a text of the Pharaonic Book of the dead when he closed the book, the house Shacked of the bombing of thunder and drowned in the darkness and opened the door the wind snap, and fell Count Louis Hamon and his wife Earth has Jmayorma fear when they saw the silhouette woman wear dresses ownership of the Pharaohs and shine on her head Snake characteristic was her right hand cut off, and I went to the shrine and bowed to the fire and then suddenly disappeared as appeared four days after he read Count Louis Hamon that the mission of "Carnavon" for exploration of the effects discovered tomb Tut Anj Amun and they Sidkhalouna despite the warning engraved on its doorstep, and it was Count "Louis Hamon" and his wife in the hospital Atagan than solving them, but sent his friend a message hope for them not to enter the shrine, but "Carnavon" ignore the warning letter, and he died "Carnarvon" after a simple slot to Tutankhamun's tomb, and he died because of the unknown until now saluting died and his body does not have any cause of death only Akst worked on mosquito poisoning his body and his death, members of the mission and died one by one and knew that cursed Lafraath ...

by : Islam Mohamed Abdel Moneim

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