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domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013

The Pharaohs, the first to play football

The Pharaohs, the first to play football and not the British

It was one of the popular games among children in ancient Egypt, especially the girls, and have several ways include the following:
- Simple, in which six girls five of them stand in a row looking at the sixth one who was holding the ball in her hand
- The other way, two girls climb over the back of other two of their collages then start to throw three small balls in successive quick movements and if one of them failed to receive the ball, she gets down from the back of her collage who start her turn over the back of the failed girl.
In one of the Games, they tie a ball at the end of their strand then extend their arms both to grab a mirror or one of the fancy sticks and turn around themselves jumping and swaying. Their collages make a circle around them singing and applaud their hands

Writen by: Islam M. Abde-El Monem
Translation : Ahmed Abdellah

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