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martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Means of contraception in ancient Egypt

According to the Berlin Papyrus , we get some very important information that was translated to indicate the level that won promotion and the evolution of our ancient Egyptian civilization , including the following :

 1 -The Ancient Egyptian condoms made ​​from the intestines of goats and fish bladder to prevent pregnancy and avoid some dermatologists
.2 - On the same time, resorted to isolation to avoid procreation is one way ( remove the penis from the vagina before ejaculation ) . 
3 - Developed materials lethal sperm in the vagina of women as a means of birth control , such as gum arabic , with a little acid to kill sperm 
.4 - The woman also used , suppository , for example, alkali crocodile dung mixed with some other plants before intercourse to prevent pregnancy
.5 - to prevent pregnancy - pieces of linen soaked in honey and powder of some plants (date carob ) is also used . 
6 - organization and commitment to safe sex in the period after the menstrual cycle.It is worth noting the following:Ancient Egyptian women used to visit your doctor after two weeks to notice the signs of pregnancy . The doctor placed a urine sample is placed in a small container filled with water and contains the seeds of wheat and barley and put together a similar vase. After a few days , the seeds germinate. Thus, if the growth in the first containing the sample is longer , it means that she is pregnant , and thus the physician determines the sex of the fetus along the length of the plant .. 
Barley >>>>> Represents Male 
The wheat >>>>>represents the female 

This method has been subjected to modern science , where he conducted numerous experiments and also had proven success and sincerity , while the ancient Egyptian physician could know if the woman is able to have children or not ?To determine the ability to reproduce :Presents a clove of garlic to the woman to put in the cervix and a few hours later, he approached his mouth if he smelled of garlic, is able to give birth or vice versa ..

Nasser Abdel Monem

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