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martes, 15 de enero de 2013

Ancient Egyptian Sonar to detect the sex of the fetus

Dr. Amr Meligi Coordinator World Association of Sexual Health confirmed the following:

1.       The ancient Egyptian reached a way which works a little like the current sonar device to detect the sex of the fetus.  They were examining the effect of the women urine on both plants wheat and Barley to know whether the fetus is male or female 

2.       The ancient Egyptians were conducting circumcision for males when the boy 12 years of age, that's the age of puberty. Circumcision was done by the hands of priests, reflecting that religion for the Pharaohs was urging this action.

3.       The ancient Egyptians reached the formation of drugs to assist in reproduction and infertility treatment; drugs were extracted from milk and date and at the same time succeeded to extract drugs, to prevent and control birth, were given for ladies. The most famous of those drugs, those its materials extracted from the plant Gum Arabic. He pointed out that modern medicine scientists recently discovered that this plant has the ability to kill sperm, leading to a temporary infertility in women and some drug companies benefited from this idea in the production of drugs for birth control.

4.       The ancient Egyptian gave great care for sexual health, no less than their care about all other aspects of life. We could know from the papyrus that the Egyptians used to extract oils from some Nile fishes which help to improve sexual ability that much puzzled scientists.

5.       The women helped in the process of giving birth and the ancient Egyptians designed a birth chair where the woman can set during the birth process supported by four women, two at the back of the head and shoulder and two in the face at the feet.

By : Nasser Abdel Menem
Translation: Ahmed Abdellah

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