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domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

The secrets of Number ten

In the ancient Egyptian language number one was represented by a straight vertical line.
But number ten is represented by a horseshoe shaped like ... He represents the number one (straight horizontal line) in the case of the curvature and back to where he started.
So no. ten is the return from where the no. one started 

Pythagoras believed that number ten is the most complete numbers..... It is the number that expresses the perfection because it symbolizes the return of no. one from where it was born.... And this return is neither a setback nor return to the zero point but it is a maturity and evolution.
In the ancient Egyptian civilization, number ten is linked to "Hor" (Horus), which is considered the tenth god for The Ennead of Heliopolis
The Ennead of Heliopolis consists of 9 gods (divine beings / cosmic forces) worked on the formation and evolution of the universe. Those divine beings are ( Atum… Shu / Tefnut …..Nut/ Jeb….Isis/Osiris..Neftis/Set)

"Hor" o Horus is the son of (Osiris) and heir to his throne ... He came to complete those cosmic system. "Hor" or Horus  is Osir ..... After he was the born-again (resurrected) ... He is the one who appeared to return the whole  Ennead of Heliopolis to its first the Oneness
The universe was emerged from the one / oneness..... then appeared divisive and pluralism.  Despite these so clear divisive and pluralism but it is still in its essence one.  Horus , (the tenth /No. ten) , He is the one to restore the universe to its first condition .
Pythagoras says: -
*** Knowing the numbers and how it was born from no. One who comes before no. Two  is knowing the oneness of God ***

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