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domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

Ancient Egypt Secrets

By : Sam Travins  Oct 25, 2010

Egypt is a land full of mystery and rich history. You would definitely love traveling there to be able to experience history in real time. Ancient Egypt is a place where majestic breakthroughs took place. This is the time of the pharaohs, the most powerful persons during that time.

The ancient civilization of Egypt started along the riverbanks of the longest river in the world, the Nile River. The riverbanks, even before had rich soil because of the nutrients that were carried by the vast River. It overflowed every year which would leave behind these nutrients when the water levels would return to normal. The people found out that the land was good for planting, so they started on planting crops for their subsistence. As the civilization grew, some families rose to the ranks.

 The richer ones became the leaders and the ordinary ones were the followers, until the idea of importing slaves was introduced. The slaves were the ones who tilled the lands and the native Egyptians, their masters. As the thriving country grew, so was the power of those at the head of the government. The head and the most powerful were called Pharaohs. They ordered to build pyramids made from large boulders, to make different statues and Sphinx in order to honor their gods and their kings. Pyramids are the final resting place of the dead, in Egypt, and there is a great adventure novel the explores this. They believe in life after death and that one can bring all the material possessions that would be placed in his tomb. Ancient Egyptians also boasts of their way of mummification. This is a process of preserving the body of the deceased so that he would look good when he goes to after life.

Ancient Egyptians had a very interesting way of writing. They had a writing system called hieroglyphics, pictures of animals or things that represent actions that people had done in their lifetime. These were written in papyrus by Egyptian scribes and on walls of the tomb of a Pharaoh to boast of his legacy to his land. These written and engraved artifacts help the researchers, historians and archeologists of today to understand and to document the history and the lives of ancient Egyptians. Thanks to the genuine love and pride that the Egyptians regard for their heritage and culture, the remains of Ancient Egypt are more or less, preserved. These are even sources of income because lots of people come to the land to have a glimpse of what was Egypt at its height of power. Read more about the remains in the ancient Egypt book are living evidences of a once powerful and highly influential empire.

Sam Travins

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