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miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014

Commitment to specific rules is the secret of the greatness of ancient Egyptian art.

The secret of the greatness of ancient Egyptian art is the commitment to specific rules and limits that cannot pass, forming a distinctive character that stayed with him throughout thousand years without being affected its bases by the political circumstances or of life, but the opposite happened.
The religious sense was the summit of the psychological feeling for the ancient Egyptian person ant no doubt, the ancient Egyptian art expressed that and 

There is no doubt that the ancient Egyptian art could express and emphasize the fundamentals of religion and its elements.
It can be explained, how could the ancient Egyptian art, continue strong, unchanged for three thousand years? because the artist was not really creative, Renewal or innovative, but his role is limited to interpreting the Egyptian point of view to the world and the entire universe to a visible piece of art that is subject to specific and strict rules. The most important, of them is the no-perspective view of things and issues that were expressed.


Translation by Ahmed Abdellah  for the Arabic origin in the Culture.Guard page on Facebook

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