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jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

Scientific Miracles in the verse " I swear by the heaven and the Morning Star "

You can see a scientific miracle in the Quran verse "I swear by the heaven and the Morning Star And - and I do understand what the reality of this star : It's the shining star in the darkness"
One of the cosmic discoveries that caused a stir in the scientific community in the second half of the twentieth century , neutron stars scattered everywhere in the universe.

They are giant stars, because of their effect and not their size, they are very heavy despite its small
ness, consists of heavy neutrons compacted tightly to each other,

And if we know that the neutron has no charge and can penetrate any atom without being influenced by its charge, the radiation from this star punches a hole in anything

A second attribute of these stars , which are producing intermittent pulses continuously knoching very strong the page of the sky .

So we are in front of millions of stars in the universe (may be more!)

These stars were not discovered until the late twentieth century and its characteristics resume at two points
1. The neutron stars with strong vibrant sound which works as a hammer, strongly knock the sky
2. These stars can make a hole in anything because of its great weight, has no charge so they are a piercing stars
One may be surprised when he knows that the Holy Quran spoke of these stars before 1400 years in the introduction of chapter no.86 of " AT- Tariq " (The Morning Star ) where Allah Almighty, the Creator says and swears in the name of these stars :
"By the sky and the bright star and just do not realize what the bright star is like! " (AT- Tariq 1-3)

when The Qur'an describes these stars, as the drill , it is a very accurate expression and completely reflects the fact that these stars and their mechanism of piercing anything .
While the scientific term (neutron stars) expresses nothing, the word (neutrons)
does not reflect the fact that these chargeless objects can pierce and penetrate through any atom .
Therefore, we find the Qur'anic expression ( the drill ) , is not only a name , but a name and attribute in the same time. So the Koran is superior to modern science and always preceded.

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