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jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

The first university in the history of mankind

The first university in the history of mankind is the University "ION" or Heliopolis as the Greeks called it , which was established in 2240 BC.

The priests of Heliopolis were known as the most knowledgeable and they were able to influence in the cultural and spiritual life of Egypt. In their temple in the city of Heliopolis built the oldest university in the world.
In ancient Egyptian language ION is the Sun City and Heliopolis in Greek.
The most of Greek scholars graduate from ION, including Plato, who spent 13 years studying at the University of Heliopolis.
What's left of its remains, so far, the archaeological site of Ain ​​Shams , in the district of Mataria and still has the remains of a red granite obelisk , one of two obelisks established by King Sesostris I, second king of the twelfth Dynasty of Egypt.
Author : SARA
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