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viernes, 7 de marzo de 2014


Is the famous architect, minister of King Djoser of the 3rd Dynasty, who built the complex of Saqqara and the Step Pyramid. Manito, the Egyptian historian, attributed him the use of the stones for the first time in construction. It goes back to the time of the 3rd dynasty in the Old kingdom in the Pharaonic period (about 2800 BC).

Imhotep had several titles include "high priest of Heliopolis" "sculptor" "maker of pots." During the period of the New kingdom of the Pharaonic era, He was  added other titles, include "High Priest" "The Wise Man" "Head of the scribes" "Son of the god Petah. The name of Imhotep was engraved on the base of a statue for King Zoser and was glorified during his life.

Imhotep was a genius architect who used the stone for the first time in the history. Created and build the funerary complex of Djoser and was buried north of Saqqara but could not find his grave till now a day.

In the late period he worshiped and devoted him temples for his worship. He was worshiped as Medical and therapist.
In the Sawi time, he was represented as a man sitting quietly reading a papyrus on his lap. He had bronze statues sculpted for him.

In Greek times, he assimilated the Greeks with their god of medicine, and continued to build her Aesculapius Temples.

The Author: Mohamed Abdel Moneim Islam
Translation: Ahmed Abdellah

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