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lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

Goddess Seshat :

Is the Writing divinity in ancient Egypt and its name literally means (writer), so it was used to represent all forms of writing and recording, including numbers registration, calculations and statistics. She was also (supervising the Books House) or the library, and ( the goddess of the temples libraries , and all other groups of texts).

Seshat , had appeared since the beginning of the dynastic eras where she found helping the king " Kha- Sekhem Wy " (2nd dynasty ) to grab a rope or thread and that what is known as the ritual of ( Tug of War) , where she is also the divinity of constructors.
Seshat had maintained relations with many deities, especially with god Thoth, where she participated in many religious rituals with this divinity that he has been associated with knowledge and writing. She was considered as a daughter or sister of “Thoth “. She has also been associated with some of the deities, as “Nephthys" .


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