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miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014

Sculpture in the Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

Notes that the sculpture in the early Middle Kingdom was considered an extension of the sculpture that collapsed during the time of the first decay, Raising or lowering the level of any branch of the arts depends on the political and economic stability. It's no secret that the political chaos and economic weakness of Egypt during the time of the first decay.
Once again unified the country, achieving stability, the Egyptian sculptor began to recover his originality therefore produced many pieces, displayed in museums and a testament to his skill. Schools Sculpture expressed idealism at its best represented in the statues of King Senusret I, which were found in Lisht ( It is stored in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo ) .
The realism mixed with idealism marked to highlight the characteristics of the face features of the kings. It is very clear in the statues of Sesostris III , characterized with hard features , which is consistent with being a strong military character .
Statues of Amenemhat III has expressed the peaceful character and dedicated to the construction and reconstruction.

One of the best examples of Egyptian sculptor , the wooden statue of the king, " Men- Kao - Hr" , which is in the Cairo Museum , which was found at Dahshur . A scarce examples showing the naked king, though it is possible that the kilt , which cover the bottom had fallen.

They used to use wooden models in the Middle Kingdom , which are small statues made of limestone at first , then made ​​of wood covered with tinted plaster .

They used to do these statues in a simple style to represent groups of people with a particular profession, such as carpenters, brewers, soldiers, peasants, etc. .. These models were placed in tombs with their owners, hoping to benefit from them in the afterlife .
By : abo_jana

Translation by Ahmed Abdellah  for Arabic origin in the Culture.Guard page on Facebook

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