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lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

The Snake Neheb - Kao

The ancient Egyptian artist represented "Neheb - Kao" in the form of a snake has a human legs, and sometimes depicted with wings and sometimes with two heads. It also comes in the form of a snake-headed man with the crown of "Atef".
The "Neheb - Kao" serpent was mentioned in the pyramid texts, and in the beginning of the day book (Book of the Dead).

To the ancient Egyptians "Neheb - Kao" is one of the Nitrous "cosmic forces or divine beings" who contributed nitrous birth of the universe and played an important role in the protection of Ra in the beginning of creation and was swimming around the boat (boat Ra) to prevent it from falling into the sea of ​​chaos and from the beginnings of the universe "Neheb -. Kao" used to accompany Ra on his journey in the sky to protect him against the powers of chaos and darkness.

Author: Noda
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